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            Today's REDD News





REDD: Indonesian Media Summaries [English]


2007-10-24 Bogor gets ready for environmental meet (JakPost).doc

2007-10-24 CO2 Emission Reduction -Not Working- for RI (JakPost).doc

2007-10-24 How Is Globalization Affecting Americas Forests And What Can We Do (USFedNews).doc

2007-10-24 Forest protection should consider resources value (JakPost).doc

2007-10-24 Indonesia Asks Developed Countries to Pay mor for Rainforest protection (XinhuaGeneralNewsService).doc

2007-10-24 Indonesia Urges Developing Nations On Reducing Gas Emissions Ahead of Bali Meet (BBC MontringInterntialReports).doc

2007-10-24 Indonesia Wants Developed Nations to Lead Efforts in Climate Change (MalaysiaGeneralNews).doc

2007-10-24 Indonesian President Calls for More Climate Change Action (AgenceFrancePresse).doc

2007-10-25 Emission Cuts-Rich Nations Must Pay Poorer Countries - - -Yudhoyono (TheStraitsTimes).doc

2007-10-25 Emissions cuts should be voluntary says Yudhoyono.doc

2007-10-25 Ministers Agree to Complete Work On Post-Kyoto Framework by 2009 (JapanEconomicNewswire).doc

2007-10-25 UN - US Australia Ready to Negotiate New Climate Change Treaty (AssociatedPressWorldstream).doc

2007-10-26 Asian-African Stated to Hold Preparatory Global Climate Talks(XinhuaNwsAgnc).doc

2007-10-26 Asian-African States to meet for Climate Talks (JakPost).doc

2007-10-26 Push for Tough Kyoto Successor Election 2007 - Australia Decides (TheAge).doc

2007-10-26 REDD-Not Green-Scheme for reducing emissions(JakPost).doc

2007-10-26 Roundup - Rich- Developing Nations Agree on Draft of Climate Change Talks by Mulyanda Djohan (XinhuaGeneralNewsServ).doc

2007-10-27 Greens RI Should Lead in Bali (JakPost).doc

2007-10-27 Indonesia Requests Conservation Funds - Rich Nations Should Offer Incentives to Preserve Forests - Leader Says (TheInternationalHeraldTribune).doc

2007-10-27 RI climate negotiators still not named (JakPost).doc

2007-10-27 Students say carbon trading not what they-re looking for (JakPost).doc

2007-10-28 Indonesia Seeks Allies For Pay-for-Forests Plan (TheNewYorkTimes).doc

2007-10-28 Not Much Time Left for Wild Orangutans (Indo-AsianNewsService).doc

2007-10-30 Tax Revenue from Avoided Deforestation Projects (JakPost).doc

2007-10-31 High time to catch up on global carbon trade (JakPost).doc

2007-11-01 Economic Policy - Indonesia Takes a Lead on Forests and Climate Change (CountryReportSelect).doc

2007-11-02 Misconceptions about carbon emissions (JakPost).doc

2007-11-02 More companies participate in carbon market (KoreaHerald).doc

2007-11-05 Save Riau Forests - Says Greenpeace (JakPost).doc

2007-11-06 EcoSecurities Group plc Trading Update (RegNewsService).doc

2007-11-06 Workshop discusses ways to implement green scheme (JakPost).doc

2007-11-07 Frances J Seymour - World Forest Conservationist (JakPost).doc

2007-11-07 Private sector says it wont go green for free (JakPost).doc

2007-11-08 Environment - Big Food Comapnies Accused of ---(TheGuardian).doc

2007-11-09 Climate Bomb Warning Over Deforestation for Palm Oil (FinancialTimes).doc

2007-11-09 Greenpeace offers REDD alternative (JakPost).doc

2007-11-09 Spain - Sunflower Farmers - Anti-Hunger Activists Decry Biofuels (InterPressService).doc

2007-11-10 Global carbon market pins hopes on upcoming Bali gathering (JakPost).doc

2007-11-12 Analysis Shows Challenges of Crediting Forestry in Climate Programs (CarbonControlNews).doc

2007-11-13 Southeast Asia Pledges Numerical Forest Target at Summit (JapanEconomicNewswire).doc

2007-11-14 In New Take on Carbon-Trading - Indonesia May get Paid to Save Trees (ChristianScienceMonitor).doc

2007-11-15 CO2 emissions depend on two letters (JakPost).doc

2007-11-17 Indonesia Seeks OPEC Support for Forestry Cause (JakPost).doc

2007-11-20 ASEAN makes climate change declaration (JakPost).doc

2007-11-20 Government to announce negotiators for Bali meet (JakPost).doc

2007-11-20 OPEC Acknowledges Importance of Protecting Indonesias Forests (BBCMonitoringInternationalReports).doc

2007-11-20 Terrorism Against Palm Oil Industry (NewStraitsTimes).doc

2007-11-21 Asia-Pacific Leaders set Goals for New Forests - Clean Energy (JapanEconomicNewswire).doc

2007-11-21 Getting Paid to go Green VIEWPOINT- BUSINESS ASIA by Bloomberg (TheInternationalHeraldTribune).doc

2007-11-22 Indonesia puts forest compensation at top of Bali climate meet (BBCmontringAsiaPac).doc

2007-11-22 The Price of a Living Forest (NewStatesman).doc

2007-11-23 Indonesia Forests A Precious Resource in ClimateChange Fight (AFP).doc

2007-11-24 A Groundbreaking Step in the Battle Against Climate Change (TheIndependent - London).doc

2007-11-24 Govt prepares to plant 79 million trees (JakPost).doc

2007-11-24 Smoke Shrouds Green Scheme (WeekendAustralian).doc

2007-11-24 The Biofuel that Spells Annihilation for Indonesias Wilderness (WeekendAustralian).doc

2007-11-24 Uganda - Environmentalists Fight Deforestation (Africa News).doc

2007-11-25 Report-Peatland Conversion Brings Little Economic Benefits (Antara).doc

2007-11-26 Advanced Nations Owe RI Rp 5-6 Trilion This Year (Antara).doc

2007-11-26 Ecuador - Indonesia to Seek Compensation for Preserving Rain Forests (AssociatedPressWorldstream).doc

2007-11-26 RI Needs to use three bargaining positions in UNFCCC (Antara).doc

2007-11-27 Asia - Cultivation of Oil Palms is Bad for Climate - Report Says (InterPressService).doc

2007-11-27 RI Forest-Peat Lands Conversion Major Contributor to Greenhouse Gases - Report (Antara).doc

2007-11-27 World - Ecuador Calls for Rainforest Preservation Incentives (MorningStar).doc

2007-11-28 Financial support for forested nations a must-Indonesian President (AFP).doc

2007-11-28 News Focus - REDD on Climate Change Can not Give Much Benefit NGO Says (Antara).doc

2007-11-29 Friendlier gas emission reduction concept from deforestation (AsiaPacNewsAgencies).doc

2007-11-29 Graft big obstacle to saving Indonesia dwindling forests (SouthChinaMorningPost).doc

2007-11-29 REDD on CLimate Change Can not give much benefit NGO Says (AsiaPacNewsAgency).doc

2007-11-30 Indonesia could net US 2 billion from forest conservation (JakPost).doc

2007-11-30 Indonesia could net US$2 billion from forest conservation (JakPost).doc

2007-12- Trees Count (TheWorldToday).doc

2007-12-01 For peat sake stopping the rot in logging industry (SydneyMrningHerald).doc

2007-12-01 G-77 Agrees on Funding Plan (JakPost).doc

2007-12-01 RI to ask for support in technology transfers (JakPost).doc

2007-12-01 Trees Count (WorldToday).doc

2007-12-03 Climate Experts Mull Payment to Stop Deforestation (NationalPublicRadio).doc

2007-12-03 Four national parks in Jambi Should be Discussed in UNFCCC (AsiaPacNewsAgencies).doc

2007-12-03 Hidden Colony of Orang-Utans is Discovered in the Forests of Borneo (TheIndependent-London).doc

2007-12-03 Report Finds Deforestation Offers Very Little Money Compared to Potential Benefits (SpaceDaily).doc

2007-12-03 World fears for Indonesias Forest (FinaTimes).doc

2007-12-04 FACTBOX Whats on the table at the Bali Climate Talks (ReuterNews).doc

2007-12-04 Bio-Fuel Demand causes CO2 Explosion (EdmontonJournal-Alberta).doc

2007-12-04 Carbon Stored in Trees and Forests can Prevent Deforestation - Experts (HindustanTimes).doc

2007-12-04 Climate control stumped by loggers (Irish Times).doc

2007-12-04 Companies are telling a lot of lies UN sanctioning them (JakPost).doc

2007-12-04 Forest sales make activists sweat (JakPost).doc

2007-12-04 Forestry Ministry Organise Parallel Events During UNFCCC (Antara).doc

2007-12-04 Greenpeace Launches Landmark Proposal for Reducing Tropical Deforestation at Bali Climate Talks (TargetedNewsServ).doc

2007-12-04 India seeks more money to reduce deforestation (IndoAsianNewsServ).doc

2007-12-04 UN agrees with India to set up separate forestry fund (IndoAsianNewsServ).doc

2007-12-05 Bali climate change conference and corporate responsibility (JakPost).doc

2007-12-05 Carbon Trade Seen As Lifeline for Indonesian Forests (THeAssociatedPress).doc

2007-12-05 Experts Say Illegal Logging Contributes Significant to Climate Change (VoiceOfAmericaNews).doc

2007-12-05 Forestry policies to be addressed soon-climate talks draft says (KyodoNews).doc

2007-12-05 Forestry policies to be addressed soon-climate talks draft says (OrgAsiaPacNewsAgencies).doc

2007-12-05 Rush To Promote Biofuels Certain to Harm Indigenous Communities (TheNation).doc

2007-12-05 Saving rainforests a thorny issue at Bali talks (Reuters).doc

2007-12-05 The devil in the detail REDD- lacks mechanisms (JakPost).doc

2007-12-05 UNFCCC Committed to Adaptation Program Amidst NGO Suspicion (Antara).doc

2007-12-05 Walhi Presses for Exclusion of Carbon Brokers from Negotiations (Antara).doc

2007-12-05 World Mulls Paying For Forest Protection (AssociatedPressOnline).doc

2007-12-06 Bali climate talks draft document promises to address forestry (BBCMontringAsiaPac).doc

2007-12-06 Climate change speeding up degradation of Amazon forests-WWF (KyodoNews).doc

2007-12-06 Countries fight for small-scale projects (JakPost).doc

2007-12-06 Forest is not only about wood-but also carbon (Antara).doc

2007-12-06 Forest Loss in Sumatra Becomes a Global Issue (TheNewYorkTimes).doc

2007-12-06 RI Ready to take part in REDD Scheme-Forestry Minister (Antara).doc

2007-12-06 RI to Launch REDD Program (OrgAsiaPacNewsAgency).doc

2007-12-06 Rush to promote biofuels certain to harm indigenous communities (TheNationThailand).doc

2007-12-06 Saving Rainforest a Thorny Problem (TheNewZealandHerald).doc

2007-12-06 Saving the World With Inflatable Trees (SantaBarbaraIndependent).doc

2007-12-06 UN Climate Change Conference Held in Bali (AsiaPulse).doc

2007-12-06 UN Offcials hails China for Efforts in Saving Forest (XinhuaNewsAgency).doc

2007-12-06 Who Will Benefit from REDD Scheme (Antara).doc

2007-12-06 Woodman - Spare That High-Carbon Tree (TheTimes).doc

2007-12-07 All talk no action say Indonesians (TheAge).doc

2007-12-07 Bridging all interests (JakPost).doc

2007-12-07 Govt launches emission cuts through forestry (JakPost).doc

2007-12-07 Indonesia Prepares Pilot Project for REDD (OrgAsiaPacNewsAgcy).doc

2007-12-07 Indonesia Prepares Pilot Projects for Anti-Deforestation Program (AsiaPulse).doc

2007-12-07 Indonesia readies pilot projects for timber emissions program (AsiaInFocus).doc

2007-12-07 Indonesia Says West Stingy- The Environment - Summit (SydneyMorningHerald).doc

2007-12-07 Leading Forestry Research Organizations Calls for Adressing Deforestation with Financial Incentives (XinhuaGeneralNewsServ).doc

2007-12-07 REDD Funds from Developed Countries Total US 10 Billion-Minister (OrgAsiaPacNewsAgcy).doc

2007-12-07 RI Regrets some developed nations stand on its REDD scheme (Antara).doc

2007-12-08 Activists Call for Forest Protection-Gender Justice (JakPost).doc

2007-12-08 Forest Preservation Plan Debated At Climate Talks (Scoop-co-nz).doc

2007-12-08 GEF Launches Account for Tropical Forest (XinhuaGeneralNewsServ).doc

2007-12-08 Governors Take Action to Save Rainforests ---(TheAge).doc

2007-12-08 REDD Redemption or real action (JakPost).doc

2007-12-08 VOA News-Forest Preservation Plan Debated at CLimate Talks (US FedNews).doc

2007-12-09 Forest Fading in Indonesia-Pulp Paper Companies Run Roughshod Over Pristine Terrain (PittsburgPost).doc

2007-12-09 Thousands march against REDD (JakPost).doc

2007-12-10 Asia- Rainforest Credit Worth More Than Trees - Indon (AAPNewsfeed).doc

2007-12-10 Climate Change Controversy at Summit (AllAfrica).doc

2007-12-10 Forest Destruction- Stopping the Chopping (TheGuardian).doc

2007-12-10 Indonesia ready to participate in deforestation emissions reduction plan (BBCMontringAsiaPac).doc

2007-12-10 REDD scheme given a morale boost (JakPost).doc

2007-12-10 Thousands protest in Indonesias Bali against carbon trading (BBCMontrinAsiaPac).doc

2007-12-10 Trees dont grow on money (JakPost).doc

2007-12-10 Woods Hole Research Center debuts new (PharmaBusinessWeek).doc

2007-12-11 Britain Backs Guyanas Rainforest Plan (TheIndependent).doc

2007-12-11 Developed Countries Trying to Avoid Financial Obligation Under REDD Scheme (Antara).doc

2007-12-11 Draft decision a good start for negotiation (JakPost).doc

2007-12-11 Finance chiefs call for development of deep-liquid carbon market (KyodoNews).doc

2007-12-11 Forest Carbon Partnership Facility Launched At Bali Climate (M2 Presswire).doc

2007-12-11 Forest Carbon Partnership Facility Launched at Bali Climate (US FedNews).doc

2007-12-11 He said the forestry ministry had conducted various studies and researches which---(Antara).doc

2007-12-11 Indonesia to implement pilot projects in support of green targets (AsiaPulse).doc

2007-12-11 Japan takes -positive stance- on emission cut target at Bali forum - Kyodo (BBCMntoringAsiaPac).doc

2007-12-11 Lost in a maze of figures and jargon (StraitsTimes).doc

2007-12-11 Seeing REDD over deforestation (AsiaTimes).doc

2007-12-11 Suspicion and disclosure of the fact that - - - (Antara).doc

2007-12-11 Suspicion-Disclosure of Climae Change Impact Still Mark Bali Talks (Antara).doc

2007-12-11 They agree to support but not under a financing obligation-the Director--(Antara).doc

2007-12-11 World Bank launches forest carbon fund (Reuter).doc

2007-12-11 World Bank Launches Fund to Save Forests (VoiceOfAmericaNews).doc

2007-12-12 Climate- World Bank Raises Money for Forest Conservation (InterPressServ).doc

2007-12-12 Forest Carbon Partnership Facility Launched At Bali Climate (ENPNewswire).doc

2007-12-12 Fund to Prevent Deforestation May Soon Be a Reality (IndianExpress).doc

2007-12-12 Indian Express-Fund to prevent deforestation may soon be a reality (Indian Express).doc

2007-12-12 Indonesia and Singapore shared the view that the international meeting in Bali-- (Antara).doc

2007-12-12 REDD scheme a solution or just another project (JakPost).doc

2007-12-12 RI Must Protect Forestry Industry- Logging Interest (JakPost).doc

2007-12-12 Seeing REDD (JakPost).doc

2007-12-12 The climate conference-Whats in it for us (JakPost).doc

2007-12-12 The World- Poorer Nations May Be Paid to Be Green----(LosAngelesTimes).doc

2007-12-12 WB launches financing for forest-saving scheme (JakPost).doc

2007-12-12 World Bank President Robert Zoellick Delivers Remarks at the 13th COnference of the Parties to the UNFCCC (CQTranscriptions).doc

2007-12-13 All of them correlation in the efforts to reduce emissions (Antara).doc

2007-12-13 Be ready for ugly Bali Roadmap (JakPost).doc

2007-12-13 Carbon plan mustn jeopardise growth-PM Lee (BusinessTimesSingapore).doc

2007-12-13 Carbon Plan Mustnt Jeopardise Growth- PM Lee ---(TheBusinessTimesSingapore).doc

2007-12-13 Indigenous people fear double climate hit (ReutersNews).doc

2007-12-13 Making it more lucrative to preserve the worlds forests than ---(IPS-Latin America).doc

2007-12-13 Minister- All Type of Forests Must Be Given Compensation (Antara).doc

2007-12-13 Ministers struggle to remove sticking points (JakPost).doc

2007-12-13 Pragmatic way to deal with climate (JakPost).doc

2007-12-13 The Forest Carbon Partnership Facility Gets a Boost from Norway (M2 Presswire).doc

2007-12-13 UN climate conference expected to embrace forest protection as (AssociatedPressNewswires).doc

2007-12-13 UNFCCC- RI Singapore Share View on Bali Roadmap (OrgAsiaPacNewsAgnc).doc

2007-12-13 UPDATE 1-Climate Talks CLose to Working Out Forestry Deal (ReutersNews).doc

2007-12-13 US may derail talks on deforestation (JakPost).doc

2007-12-14 Climate- Brazil Creates Fund-Sets Targets to Protect Amazon(InterPressServ).doc

2007-12-14 Communities set to reap carbon dollars (JakPost).doc

2007-12-14 Deal to fight deforestation agreed at climate talks (ReutersNews).doc

2007-12-14 In Bali new incentive for developing nations to curb emissions (TheChristianScienceMonitor).doc

2007-12-14 Marubeni plans carbon projects in Indonesia (ReutersNews).doc

2007-12-14 Reward plan to save forests may just end haze (StraitsTimes).doc

2007-12-14 Seeing REDD to save the forests and the planet (TheCanberraTimes).doc

2007-12-14 Tackling Deforestation is Critical (AllAfrica).doc

2007-12-15 Bali Business Bonanza (TheSydneyMorningHerald).doc

2007-12-15 Climate Plan to Adopt Forest Protection (AssociatedPressOnline).doc

2007-12-15 Conference on Climate Nears deal on FOrests ---(TheInternationalHeraldTribune).doc

2007-12-15 Evidence of Progress Emerges at Bali Talks ---(TheInternationalHeraldTribune).doc

2007-12-15 Green Dreaming (TheAge).doc

2007-12-15 UN Conference to Approve Forest Protection as Part of CLimate Plan (AssociatedPressWOrldstream).doc

2007-12-15 UNFCCC- Final Statement of Indigenous Forum (Scoop-co-nz).doc

2007-12-16 Bali climate talks close to working out forestry deal--(ManillaBulletin).doc

2007-12-17 Dealing With the Effects of Today Voracious Global Economy(StPaulPioneerPress).doc

2007-12-17 Deforestation Deal (CarbonControlNews).doc

2007-12-17 Financial Express- Bali Climate Conference has a message for rural community (FinancialExpress).doc

2007-12-17 Global warming (JakPost).doc

2007-12-17 Placing a Value on Forests Program Would Help Maintain a Bulwark Against Climate Change(SarasotaHeraldTribune).doc

2007-12-17 Tribute and tribulations World Leaders have made---(JakPost).doc

2007-12-17 VOA News- Climate Change Conference in Bali officially Kicks Off New Round of Negotiations (USFedNews).doc

2007-12-17 Woods Hole Research Center-WHRC releases 4 key reports.doc

2007-12-18 Silver lining in a dense situation (StraitsTimes).doc

2007-12-18 Silver Lining in a Dense Situation (TheStraitsTimes).doc

2007-12-19 Bali Climate Conference- Alden Meyer (CongressionalTestimony).doc

2007-12-19 Indonesia- A lot more said than done at Bali conference on Global Warming (ThaiNewsService).doc

2007-12-20 Climate- WOrld Bank Seeks to Put Forests on Carbon Market (InterPressServ).doc

2007-12-21 Center for International Environmental Law (StatesNewsService).doc

2007-12-21 Federal Government-Poltics - Kyoto (LeterfromMelbourne).doc

2007-12-22 Roadmap to where-Analysis on the Climate Changes talks in Bali-CHina and the US sign--(NewScientist).doc

2007-12-22 So Hard to See the Wood for the Trees - Climate Change and Forests (TheEconomist).doc

2007-12-22 Tree planting mandatory-cutting prohibited in RI action---(JakPost).doc

2007-12-23 Burness Communications- Report Finds Deforestation Offers Very Little Money Compared to Potential Benefits (PharmaInvestment-VenturesLawWeekly).doc

2007-12-24 Environment call (PNG PostCourier).doc

2007-12-28 Commodities- Cutting to the Real Root of the Problem (Asiamoney).doc

2007-12-29 Bali climate talks- Not just all hot air (StraitsTimes).doc

2007-12-29 Burness Communications- New Report on Deforestatin Reveals Problems of Forest Carbon Payment Schemes (LawAndHealthWeekly).doc

2007-12-31 Give Tree Choppers More Profitable Jobs than Logging (FinancialTimes).doc

2008-01-02 Time to get serious in the global fight against climate change (JakPost).doc

2008-01-04 Africa- Saving the Continents Forest - The Lungs of the World (AfricaNews).doc

2008-01-04 Saving the rainforest (BusinessTimesSingapore).doc

2008-01-04 Saving the Rainforest-CHeah Ui-Hoon Visits Sabahs Danum Valley ---(TheBusinessTimeSingapore).doc

2008-01-11 The Poltical Scene - International Climate Change Talks End Well for INdonesia (CountryReportSelect).doc

2008-01-15 Orangutans miss jungle homes (JakPost).doc

2008-01-17 Activists lament lack of action post-Bali (JakPost).doc

2008-01-20 Dark side of a hot Biofuel - In Inodesia--- (SacramentoBee).doc

2008-01-20 Smartwood Offers Growers -Green Seal- (TheBurlingtonFreePress).doc

2008-01-21 In Indonesia- Climate and Species Pay a Steep Price for Clean Fuel (SacramentoBee).doc

2008-01-23 UN Warns of Biofuels Environmental Risk (AssociatedPressOnline).doc

2008-01-24 International Climate Change - Glen Prickett (CongeressionalTestimony).doc

2008-01-30 Government urged to promote low-carbon economy (JakPost).doc

2008-01-31 Brunei Heart of Borneo Its Relevance to Global Environmental Issues (BorneoBulletin).doc

2008-01-31 FACTBOX-Achievements at Bali Climate Talks (ReutersNews).doc

2008-01-31 REDD green or gold (JakPost).doc

2008-02-04 To save a forest- World Eyes Grand Plan of Payoffs to Preseve Trees - Protect CLimate (TheAssociatedPress).doc

2008-02-04World Launches Talks on Forest Payoffs (AssociatedPressNewswires).doc

2008-02-05 World eyes grand plan to preserve trees (TurkishDailyNews).doc

2008-02-08 World Market Fuels Deforestation (JakPost).doc

2008-02-11 Garcia River Forest Earns Top Carbon Credit Verification (TargetedNewsService).doc

2008-02-11 Study Shows Growing Biofuel Crops Costly to Environment (VoiceOfAmericaNews).doc

2008-02-14 Brian Fallow- Cant See Wood For Trees (TheNewZealandHerald).doc

2008-02-14 Impact of Tropical Forest Destruction on the Climate (CQ ConressionalTestimony).doc

2008-02-14 Impact of Tropical Forest Destruction on the Climate-Stephanie Meeks (CongressionalTestimony).doc

2008-02-19 Huge Investment Opportunities in Energy Savings to---(StatesNewsService).doc

2008-02-25 Bio-Foolish Behaviour (InvestorBusinessDaily).doc

2008-03-07 International workshop on forest carbon stock to begin today (UnitedNewsofIndia).doc

2008-03-11 Merrill Lynch - Turning Trees into Money (WSJ).doc

2008-03-18 Indonesian forest law misjudges the climate (JakPost).doc

2008-03-22 How to save the climate and the forests too--(NewScientist).doc

2008-03-28 RI reaps US100m in Grants for Forest Protection (JakPost).doc

2008-04-03 The great carbon can (TheIndependent).doc

2008-04-06 Amazons Forest Peoples Seek a Role in Striking Global Climate Agreements (TheNewYorkTimes).doc

2008-04-08 EU-UN-Climate Change- Bangkok Meeting Agrees Work Programme and Schedule (Europolitics).doc

2008-04-16 Indonesia Pilots Forestry Program Against Global Warming (AsiaPulse).doc

2008-04-16 Merrill Lynch to invest $9min RI carbon credit project (JakPost).doc

2008-04-16 RI to launch green pilot project (JakPost).doc

2008-04-16 RI to launch green pilot project in June (JakPost).doc

2008-05-05 Unilever Palm Oil Policy Wins Fans (JakPost).doc

2008-05-10 Palm Oil Wiping Out Key Orang Utan Habitat (AgenceFrance-Presse).doc

2008-05-12 Protected Areas Used to Expand Indonesian Oil Palm Plantations (Antara).doc

2008-05-14 Palm Oil Firms Vow to Stop Using Forests (JakPost).doc

2008-05-17 RI opts for carbon trading over halting deforestation (JakPost).doc

2008-05-21 Job Creation in Climate Change Solutions-Ruben Lubowski (CongressionalTestimony).doc

2008-05-28 German Chancellor Merkel pledges additional Euro 500million for forest protection (TheAssociatedPress).doc

2008-06-01 Green Issue-Capital Markets-EcoProducts-What Price Saving the Planet---(TheBanker).doc

2008-06-01 The Banker- Green Issue- Capital Markets - Eco Products - What Price Saving The Planet--(TheBanker).doc

2008-06-06 Bolivia gets clean by staying green (TheChristianScienceMonitor).doc

2008-06-09 Not too late - to fix climate action plan (JakPost).doc

2008-06-10 Financial News-New Value in Rain Forest---Some Investors Tap Environemental Goals in Preserving Jungles (TheWallStreetJournalEurope).doc

2008-06-13 Indonesia and Australia meet on forests - security (Reuters).doc

2008-06-14 Rudd signs up for joint effort on climate change (JakPost).doc

2008-06-17 Climate change policy footprint amid threat of global warming (JakPost).doc

2008-06-17 RI to begin forest carbon projects (JakPost).doc

2008-06-18 RI asks wealthy nations to stick to Bali road map (JakPost).doc

2008-06-19 Forestry Ministry asks Japan to check air quality (JakPost).doc

2008-06-22 Money might just grow on trees (JakPost).doc

2008-06-24 RI-Australia Climate Negotiation (JakPost).doc

2008-06-24 World-First Climate Change Deal From Bell Gullys (ScoopCoNz).doc

2008-06-28 Smoke-screens and the lungs of the world (JakPost).doc

2008-06-30 Environmental Commitment - A Changing Carbon Policy (JakPost).doc

2008-07-01 RI Sets up -Powerful- Climate Change Council.doc

2008-07-05 Govt Told to Kick Climate Loan Habit (JakPost).doc

2008-07-07 Improving Capacity Against Climate Change (JakPost).doc

2008-07-07 SBY Told to Push G8 on Climate (JakPost).doc

2008-07-08 Indonesia Aims to Balance Coal and Forests (Reuters).doc

2008-07-09 Greenpeace asks G8 leaders to support forest protection action (Xinhua).doc

2008-07-14 Japan offers US300 Million Loans to RI for Climate Change Program (Antara).doc





ARCHIVE: REDD: Indonesian Media Summaries [Bahasa Indonesia]




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REDD: International News Digests [English]



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14 Dec 07   REDD NEWS - Intl - 14 Dec 07.rtf

15 Dec 07  REDD NEWS - Intl - 15 Dec 07 (factiva)

15 Dec 07  REDD NEWS - Intl - 15 Dec 07 (nexis)

16 Dec 07  REDD NEWS - Intl - 16 Dec 07.docx

17 Dec 07  REDD NEWS - Intl - 17 Dec 07 (factiva)

17 Dec 07  REDD NEWS - Intl - 17 Dec 07 (nexis)


18 Dec 07  REDD NEWS - Intl - 18 Dec 07


18 Dec 07        REDD NEWS - Intl - 18 Dec 07 (source III)


19 Dec 07   REDD NEWS - Intl - 19 Dec 07

20 Dec 07   REDD NEWS - Intl - 20 Dec 07.docx

21 Dec 07    REDD NEWS - Intl - 21 Dec 07.docx

22 Dec 07    REDD NEWS - Intl - 22 Dec 07.docx

23 Dec 07    REDD NEWS - Intl - 23 Dec 07.docx

24 Dec 07    REDD NEWS - Intl - 24 Dec 07 (factiva)

24 Dec 07     REDD NEWS - Intl - 24 Dec 07 (nexis)

26 Dec 07    REDD NEWS - Intl - 26 Dec 07.docx

27 Dec 07     REDD NEWS - Intl - 27 Dec 07.docx

28 Dec 07   REDD NEWS - Intl - 28 Dec 07.docx

29 Dec 07   REDD NEWS - Intl - 29 Dec 07.docx

31 Dec 07    REDD NEWS - Intl - 31 Dec 07.docx




2 Jan 08   REDD NEWS - Intl - 2 Jan 08.docx

3 Jan 08    REDD NEWS - Intl - 3 Jan 08.docx

4 Jan 08    REDD NEWS - Intl - 4 Jan 08.docx

5 Jan 08    REDD NEWS - Intl - 5 Jan 08.docx


7 Jan 08    REDD NEWS - Intl - 7 Jan 08.docx

9 Jan 08    REDD NEWS - Intl - 9 Jan 08.docx

10 Jan 08  REDD NEWS - NEXIS - 10 Jan 08.docx

15 Jan 08  REDD NEWS - Intl- 15 Jan 08 (factiva)

15 Jan 08  REDD NEWS - Intl - 15 Jan 08 (nexis)






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