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Thank you for visiting the website of the Indonesia Forest Climate Alliance (IFCA) providing information to members of the climate community, goverments and the public. Unique information produced during the UNFCCC Conference of the Parties in Bali (COP 13) and subsequent REDD conferences will be posted here including PowerPoint presentations, a comprehensive REDD bibliography and a list of REDD projects under development. We hope this will become a repository for REDD information available on the Web. To explore this site, please click on "Sidebar" in the upper right corner.


Please feel free to write with questions as this site will be updated continously



Jakarta, Indonesia

July 14, 2008


CONTACT: Michael Coren (Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies)



REDD Case Studies [In Progress]


BioCarbon Fund   


Colombia: San Nicolás Agroforestry

Honduras: Pico Bonito Forest Restoration

Madagascar: Andasibe-Mantadia Biodiversity Corridor



             Reducing Carbon Emissions from Deforestation in the Ulu Masen Ecosystem

             The Juma Sustainable Development Reserve Project: Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Deforestation in the State of Amazonas, Brazil



    REDD examples (IFCA Wiki) 11.20.xls

    Ulu_Masen (Indonesia): CCBA Project Design REDD

    Australia: Minding the Carbon Store.pdf





REDD News (current and archived)

New BioCarbon Fund methodology: Here (pdf)



REDD Policy



REDDI Strategy and Methodologies Process:  Summary for Policy Makers.pdf

PP 6 Tahun 2007 hal 103-112.pdf

PP 6 Tahun 2007 hal 113-124.pdf

PP 6 Tahun 2007 hal 1-42.pdf

PP 6 Tahun 2007 hal 43-52.pdf

PP 6 Tahun 2007 hal 53-62.pdf

PP 6 Tahun 2007 hal 63-72.pdf

PP 6 Tahun 2007 hal 73-82.pdf

PP 6 Tahun 2007 hal 83-92.pdf

PP 6 Tahun 2007 hal 93-102.pdf

2007 PP 6 Tentang Tata Kelola & Pemanfaatan Hutan English version.pdf

2008 Kepmenhut Komisi Pengurangan Emisi dari Deforestasi dan Degradasi Hutan (Komisi REDD).pdf

2008 Permenhut Tata Cara Pelaksanaan Pengurangan Emisi dari Deforestasi dan Degradasi Hutan (REDD) - DRAFT.pdf

2008 Perpres 46 - English.doc

2008 Perpres 46.pdf

2008 PP 3 (Eng - 1).doc

2008 PP 3 (Eng - 2).doc

2008 PP 3 Perubahan atas PP No 6 - 2007 ttg Tata Hutan -Rcn-Pmanfaatan.pdf





Ministry of Forestry REDD regulations 


REDD Draft Permenhut Regulations: Bahan Konsultasi Publik Permenhut REDD tanggal 17 Juli 2008

Rancangan Permenhut tentang Tata Cara Pelaksanaan Pengurangan Emisi dari Deforestasi dan Degradasi Hutan (REDD)

Rancangan Keputusan Menteri Kehutanan tentang Komisi Pengurangan Emisi dari Deforestasi dan Degradasi Hutan (Komisi REDD)






REDD Resources for Indonesia







    Defining the REDD terms


    Bibliographies organized by theme

Knowledge Base

    Find all your facts here in a searchable spreadsheet

The REDD Repository

Upload and download important documents

REDDI Calendar (Google)

    Find out about events and deadlines





 Each of these lead to our project-specific databases (restricted) and public access documents (window to GoogleDocs).


Policy Briefs [5-pages]

WP 1: Methodology

WP 2: Strategy

WP 3: Consolidation + Summaries

WP 4: Stakeholders





                  REDD folks can meet here to talk. Check below to see who's visiting.







     Downloads and links


    Working Group members


    Kyoto Protocol

    UNFCCC documents: REDD Evolution

Bali COP 13 Document Archive

   Bali COP 13: Overview Schedule .pdf 

    REDD Parallel Event: DEPHUT and Partners (Provisional) .doc

    Provisional Agenda COP 13: UNFCC  9.7.07.pdf

    Exhibits List COP 13: UNFCC





Government of Indonesia

                   Indonesia's Ministry of Forestry

                   Indonesia Forest Climate Alliance (IFCA) 



                   World Bank: Forests & Forestry 

                   Asian Development Bank: Environment

                   Forest Carbon Partnership Facility (what is it?)


                   The Nature Conservancy

                   World Resources Institute

                   Winrock International





                    GLOBE G8 + 5 Climate Change (environmental forum for industrialised and emerging economies to meet  business leaders and scientists and cooperate beyond 2012.)



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